I'm an AMO member. Should I keep paying my dues once MSC re-hired me as 3AE?

I applied for a 3AE position

What exactly does AMO give you for continuing to pay dues? do you continuing to accrue seniority for the price tag? if not maybe joining meba and paying meba dues while at msc would be a better choice. meba offers senority for msc members that join. i think dues are also less than amo. I’d suggest looking into meba instead if you want to continue union affiliation.

Buddy, there are 200 3AE jobs on the AMO board. I think you’re doing this wrong


MSC is at 60% manning for 3A/Es. You will sail more and might make more. The lowest paid 3A/E aboard the ship I am on is only averaging ~16K per month before deductions. Expect to be overdue for a reliefs. You should go this route if you still have school loans to repay.

Keep your AMO membership.

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Is that a selling point? Because that is not really a number to brag about.

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[quote=" johnny.dollar"]
Is that a selling point? Because that is not really a number to brag about.

“…The lowest paid…only averaging ~16K…”

“Keep your AMO membership.”

I know you’re confused. I have a habit of doing that.

What I should have said was the average is a little over 25k while the lowest was at 16K.

I’m on a MSC Tanker. They don’t pay well. That fact is well known throughout MSC.

Why should he? What are they going to do for him for the money? Is there any seniority to accrue or vesting to be made for doing so? In meba there is. You can get group 1 seniority in meba through msc time if you pay meba dues.

You applied for a full time or a part time 3AE position?