If you're in Singapore this month, check out SMART SHIPPING 2011

Wilhelmsen Ships Service’ (WSS) Business Director Ships Agency, Frederic Fontarosa, will speak at this month’s Smart Shipping conference in Singapore.
Held from 17-18 October at the Four Seasons hotel, Smart Shipping represents a new concept in maritime industry conferences and is the first event of its kind to focus on measuring and improving vessel and operations performance through smart and effective means and new technology.
Speaking prior to the event, Mr Fontarosa stressed the importance of WSS’ participation in the conference, saying that he was looking forward to speaking on Tuesday 18 October and sharing ideas and experiences with fellow shipping executives from across the global industry.

He added; “To me, Smart Shipping is about looking at things in a new and different way, taking advantage of new technology, new processes and innovations to bring something new to the market that can ultimately improve efficiency and competitive advantage.”

Mr Fontarosa will chair Session 3 on day two of the event, which covers the following topics:

Walking the talk: taking smart shipping from rhetoric to reality
• Improving communication between owners, suppliers and intermediaries
• Is it essential for a company to increase its change management capability before it can get smarter?
• Effective training for crew onboard as well as ship managers onshore
• Being smart onboard & onshore: Hardware and software combining for smarter shipping
• Smart shipping for newbuilds vs. existing vessels: what is the latest in retrofit trends?

To find out more about SmartShipping, visit the website: http://www.nhstevents.com/events/smartshipping-2011/

Wilhelmsen Ships Service supplies regulatory products and services as well as Unitor marine products, Nalfleet marine chemicals, global maritime logistics and ships agency services.

I will be there next week, are you sure it isn’t being held at the Ivory Towers???

Not sure where it’s being held, I assume it would tell you somewhere in this link: http://www.nhstevents.com/events/smartshipping-2011/

I meant to say the[B] Orchid Towers[/B], not the Ivory Towers…