IDF confirms Houthis hijacked ship in Red Sea, says it is not an Israeli vessel - Galaxy Leader

The Central Park is now unseized

A USN warship showed up

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Norwegian owned (NIS-flagged) tanker attacked in Bab el-Mandeb:
Photo: AS J. Ludwig Mowinckels Rederi

The Norwegian Government has issued a statement:

A 12 ga versus an armed terrorist helicopter is like brining a knife to a gun fight. If you are going to arm a vessel, do it right. A half-assed attempt won’t benefit anyone, and will likely be detrimental to the life expectancy of the crew.

Heck, why reply to me - Bruce1 is the guy who’s gonna pepper the helo with a scatter-gun. . . LOL


I meant it to amplify what you said. Sorry for the confusion.

I understand there is warships from a number of countries in the area besides the USN and they are coordinated through a base in Bahrain.
Arming the crew is not realistic. Many have little association with firearms and would refuse to take them up. For vessels trading in the area it would seem better to supply each vessel with a set of drawings for a mounting of a 20mm canon and where the mountings are to be placed on the vessel.
8 to 10 marines join the ship as it comes into the area with the armaments and leave when the vessel leaves the area.
Most vessels have enough spare accommodation for them but even if they don’t it is a step up from a jungle floor. The security force paid for by a compulsory levee. Insurance and P & I clubs would insist.

Good 'ol Oerlikon should do it, nothing fancy, works in a marine environment, and idiot proof.


Meanwhile attacks on shipping continues in the Red Sea:

Years back when Big Blue (Maersk) boasted the first delivery of some small items by a drone in Dannish straits , i commented on their FB , regarding possible other much more sinister uses of drones like delivering explosives and/or similar items to cause distruction and damage… They called me " conspiracy theorist" .

Well , some 40 years ago , the difference between conspiracy theory and the truth/facts was 20 years , but nowadays it is 3 weeks. But we learn as we go.

That doesn’t make sense. Humans are very ingenious at turning objects, tools and various items into weapons. No conspiracy required.

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What does not make sense???
1.That they called me conspiracy theorists??

  1. or my whole comment??

You seem to have ignored or have not noticed above, to provide simillar opinion which i respect , " Humans are very ingenious at turning objects, tools and various items into weapons. No conspiracy required" and in this case we shall add " methods and tactics" .

Some humans suffer from cogntive dissonance and are subject to “prejudices” but that is my opinion


That they called you a conspiracy theorist for pointing out something so obvious.

Because the previous comment that you quoted was very different than yours and so didn’t get the same response as yours.

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You should be aware that abstract thinking requires IQ =>> 25.

So be so kind and ignore my opinions/comments or flag them as I have no time and wish to further explore your cognitive abilities.

As my efforts to do so and explain politely , patiently and painstakingly an obvious to me matter or what I mean by saying this or that , what You seem unable to understand and/or rather unwilling , due to whatever reasons, will be deleted anyway by your local cronies .

And I consider that as another provocation in order to remove me or ban from this community.

Your offensive , aggresive , arrogant , confrontational ,gung ho, abusive and condescending style of conversation with foreigners offends me, hence i ignore your content to avoid tensions.

I have come here in peace and not to wage wars and/or verbal confrontations with individuals who can not accept , there are folks out there in the world who may run on different software.

There are many others , who may be interested in the revelations of your meandring mind and I am not one of them . Trust one can live with that.

Call the copter on 16 and politely ask for a 1.5 nm CPA while overtaking.

I was.

@Kennebec_Captain and I both agreed with you that it was obvious from the beginning that enemies would eventually arm drones and anyone who called you a conspiracy theorist for saying that was an idiot.

Despite no one being rude to you, or even disagreeing with you, you got rude to both of us. If these comments from you are what you consider “polite” them you should reconsider your outlook on the world.

Therefore to apply pax vobiscum rule pls be so kind and accept my sincere apologies for being rude to You and Kennebeck_Captain.


Back when I undertook my SSO course hijackers boarded with grappling hooks and ladders from skiffs armed with hand held automatic weapons. In defence we were offered manoeuvring options and fire hoses. No one considered a drone attack or boarding by helicopter capable of mounting munitions.
It would seem that the response here must be on a number of fronts.
Egypt becoming aware that the threatened loss of revenue applying pressure to those adding the Houthis.
Coalition warships able to mount defence against air and surface threats sailing with convoys through the area paid for by a compulsory levy on all ships transiting the area regardless of flag.
No pay no transit.


“The Sand Pebbles” repel boarders scene

Comes to mind, no Ak’s though.

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Red Sea closed , Panama Canal affected by drafts restrictions allegedly due to GW, ( some say water resources mishandling) , spooky scenario and strange coincidences.

Some wanting to bomb the whole middle east except …( You know whom) , bomb China and Russia , restore French and other influences ( i dare not mention here) in Africa .

So i am making finishing touches to my bomb shelter and need to buy radiation filters and some survival food rations from Alex Jones shop.

Buying some guns and ammo is not a problem as country is swamped with smuggled arms held by abt 100 000 Ukrainians aged 20-30 , dodging the draft and refusing to die in Avdivka meat grinder. Surely i will not die from natural causes and it is exciting prospect worth living for.

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