I have to re-test for o/c?

I hold a MASTER 1600 O/C and just received my letter to test for 3RD MATE, but it says I have to re-test for celestial. Is this correct??

Oh yeah…it is correct. When you test for Chief Mate you will have to test for it again…unless you get a near coast third mate.

the celestial test for 1600 master is 10 questions and for 3rd mate it is 15 questions. Most of the difference is in the sailings type questions. (thisa was true about 3 years ago)

I took the celestial exam for my 500 Oceans back in March, (wow almost a year ago and still I shutter); it had the sailings on it. 15 questions total. 80% is what you have to score. I missed the sailings but got everything else.

wow so I am not the only one who had nightmares months after taking the celestrial . I took it in june last year for my 500 also . We called the test a total BALL BUSTER. It was .Just had to let you know you were not alone.

Going the other way - when I took my 1600 mate test I took the celestial exam. When I took the 1600 master test I had to take the celestial exam again.:mad:

You have to basically retake every test, why are you outraged you have to retake celestial also?