Hudson River ice

How frozen over is the Hudson this year? Last year this time it was getting pretty thick. My boat got sent up there to do harbor work in NY and icebreaker/escorts for a few tug/barge units.

Not too bad, hasn’t been very cold comparatively. I don’t think the ice was too bad until February. Then it was problematic in places it’s normally not an issue like cape cod canal and Boston.

That’s good then. We towed a SI ferry up and they put us to work!

We’re supposed to tow another one up sometime soon.

It starts around Newburgh & the choke points are worse then other areas. Nothing more then 3inches yet.

Back in the 80’s I was on the Frances Turecamo and we were running pretty steady up the river. I always felt sorry for the Deckhands trying to sleep as they were down in the Forepeak. When we were breaking ice sleeping down in the Porepeak was like trying to sleep in a Drum with all of the beating and banging!