How to upgrade 200gt Mate Near Coastal?


I’m new to the maritime industry…

I’m looking at online programs that could qualify me for a 3rd. Maine Maritime Academy seems to offer a 2 year MS that also qualifies one for a 200GT Mate Near Coastal… what does this mean? My ultimate objectives if I go this route are to be a Mate capable of both Great Lakes and the ocean, ideally larger than 200GT – if I do the Maine program, where does that leave me? How hard (or, what is necessary) is it to ‘upgrade’ to something else?


Take a look at the Workboat Academy, a 28 month program where you’ll come out with a 500 ton Oceans or maybe a 1600 ton Near Coastal Mate license.

There are none.

The MS program doesn’t qualify you for any license. It is possible to take undergraduate classes in the small vessel program while there for your master’s degree that will qualify you for a license though. None of those classes are available online though.