How to stop the spam?

This is really annoying. I visited GCaptain.COM and now I keep getting notifications from them. As far as I can tell the only way to stop notifications is to create an account [which I have now done] and then I will be able to change preferences to stop notifications [which I will do next] and then, leave it a day or two, and then I can delete this account. But it is very unfriendly behaviour of this Forum. Or too friendly!

Fingers crossed.

Like many websites these days gCaptain asks permission to send you notifications when you visit it. If you accidentally gave then permission you can undo that in your settings, the specifics of which depend on what platform you’re getting them on.

Grr… was just about to post this:

Thanks for the feedback. Since I apparently accidentally gave permission I’ve created an account on and accessed it from Windows 10. I think that I have now disabled notifications. I’ll keep an eye on it for the next day or two and if the world is a happy place then I’ll disable the account too.

Then guess what popped up and blocked my screen.


Regards, John

The notifications are coming from gCaptain not the forum. Your account here will have no effect on anything. You need to turn the notifications off on your computer.



Thanks !