Emails and PMs

How can I stop receiving daily emails autogenerated from Gcaptain? and why can’t I delete ‘deleted’ Pms? There is still a header on my page, even after I delete the body of the message?


I’m not positive this is everything you want, but try this: In the blue heading box at the top of the webpage, (next to you profile name) go to settings, scroll down to the left side of the page, my account, general settings. Scroll down to messaging and notification. Hopefully you’ll be able to check/uncheck what you want.

There should be a “click to unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.

[QUOTE=Mikey;60342]There should be a “click to unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.[/QUOTE]

TY now that I finally opened an email (as opposed to just deleting it) i found the link. Thanks. Now how about why I can’t delete the PMs?

When they first come, there is a check box to the right of them. Then when checked I can use the tools button on the bottom to delete it. But the header is still visible. why can I never delete the headers of the messages? The headers have a message next to them that says message deleted, but why is the header still there?

OK… who’s playing with me??? now there all gone! frickin’ 'puter.

Thanks, if you did something, and if you didn’t do anything… keep up the good work!

I didn’t do anything. So it’s fine now?

Also, we only allow 50 pm’s. The easiest way to delete is from your inbox (not inside the pm). There are boxes on the right hand side. Check the boxes corresponding to the pm’s you don’t want and the delete button is on the bottom. You can do it one by one or in bulk ie check the back next to “last week”, “two weeks ago” or “older” etc.