How to find information about Vessel captains

Hi. I’m a complete novice in using forums as well as my interest in vessels. I have recently been following vessels at the port of Blythe. I can find info on the vessels, but how would I find info on the crew of a particular vessel? Would it be possible to email the captain of a vessel?

I would call the Harbormaster and explain to him/her your interest. They can be probably relay your interest to the vessel captain/crew and possibly relay your email. All they can say is no.

Thank you. I was looking for some kind of registry of captains but everything was archaic. I thought there might be a similar thing to businesses when identify their key employee’s on their websites. I will try your suggestion.

I know it sounds goofy but try Facebook or Instagram if you have an account. AIS might give you some useful info as well. If you are close to the ship you can buy a cheap handheld VHF radio, watch a YouTube video on how to properly call a ship & try that way to get a phone number or email address from them.

But just a heads up, most sane, sceptical officers will be wary about carrying on unsolicited conversations via email, VHF or phone. Lots of scammers out there, it would sound creepy to me & I’d hang up very quick, not answer or not read the email to start with.

I think Sand Pebble has a good idea about using to get the ship name /registry. Then you can do an internet search for the owners and contact them. I’ve had ship spotters in the UK and Netherlands contact me (via post) for photos/“chop stamps” of our boats. But I think he is right: email addresses for crews might be too big of an ask. But you never know…

A letter to the captain via the ship’s port agent.

I’ve been contacted by a few ship spotters and they don’t come off as scammers, just nerds with a unique hobby. I’ve always done my best to help.

I wouldn’t recommend the VHF. The last thing even a moderately busy port needs is more inane useless VHF traffic.


I wouldn’t go down the radio route as I would not want to interfere with their work. Thank you for comments.

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You must work for a laid back outfit. Some Masters & company/client security officers would go bat shit crazy if they found out a crewmember was being helpful to some inquisitive people randomly reaching about details of the vessel or job. I’d probably be fired or be required to take so much training on the subject I’d quit instead.

3 Likes usually has the owner and operator’s address.

What kind of crew information are you seeking? When I was master of a vessel, I was leery of requests for crew information. . . At best, I gave number & gender. [gender was binary then!! LOL]

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