How many horsepower has the "Pride of America" cruise ship today

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I heard there are six 8-cyl 4-stroke turbodiesel engines from Finnlands Wartsila factory.

I cna find there aere 10,000 loud speakers installed on that ship but no infromation about the the horsepower of the “Pride of America” cruise ship today?

Anyone here who can provide links or knows more information?

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This is not verified - just a link found, pertaining to your question.

Technical data: Depending on the Wartsila engines installed. 8L46A, 8L46B, 8L46C The engine output is the 2nd and 3rd lines of the information.

Do you know the difference between the A,B,C configurations?

Here is another link, that may help with your question. The general data starts just after the table of contents.

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Not sure what kind of configuration the Pride of America ship has, as soon I know I find the number in the list
on your link.

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Here is a quality main features overview of the Wartsila medium speed engines.

All you ever want to know about the “Pride of America”:

As for your specific question;

  • Installed power: 6 diesel engines make Wartsila type 8L46C total output 33.600 kW.
  • Propulsion: Diesel/electric.2 x ABB Azipods, 12.500 kW.each
  • Max. speed: 21 knots.

Owned and operated by Norwegian Cruise Line, which is a Bermuda company and subsidiary of Genting Holding,a HK registered company owned by a Malaysian Chinese tycoon:

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Pride of America has Rolls-Royce Mermaid propulsion units, not ABB Azipods.

You could be right:

Then again, ABB Azipod is mentioned on several other sites. Could it be because Azipod is becoming a “common denominator” for all pods??

Propulsion pod, azimuth AS 	MERMAID 	Rolls-Royce AB
Propulsion pod, azimuth AP 	MERMAID 	Rolls-Royce AB

I know “Azipod” is sometimes used as a generic trademark for podded propulsion units because the competing products have such a small market share when compared to ABB - Rolls-Royce Mermaid has just a handful of references with questionable track record and the first SISHIP eSiPOD units have just recently been ordered. However, I think such usage is unprofessional so we should avoid it. The same applies when calling Z-drive thrusters “pods”.

Thank you Ombugge for your contribution, highly appreciated!
I contacted the very supportive engine manufacturer and according to them:

Wärtsilä 46 engine (8L46C) was installed in “Pride of America”. Please refer to enclosed product guide for detail.

Please also be informed that Wärtsilä 46F engine is now in our engine product portfolio now with higher efficiency. You may follow below link to Wärtsilä website for more information.

After all I found out:

The ship has 11 passenger decks (some sites say 15 decks) for 2186 passengers (some sites say 2500 pax)
(all berth: 2492) and about 927 crew members.

Problem here: 2186 pax and 927 crew makes 3113 and that does not fit the all bearth # 2492 ?

A Wärtsilä 8L46C 4-stroke turbo-charged intercooled diesel engine delivers total output 33.600 kW (45.683 horsepower), allowing a maximum speed of 21 knots. (some sites say 22,5 knots)
According to most sites it has 3 pools and 12 bars and 15 restaurants.

Anybody here who knows the captains phone number to clarify things in a minute? (:-)))


Normally the capacity of cruise ships is declared for cabins with double occupancy.
However, some cabins have auxiliary beds for families with children, i.e. a transformable sofa and/or an upper bed lowered from the ceiling. This must sum up to the total number of berths.

The crew will certainly not sleep upright in a corner.
Today it is common that everyone has his own bed, hence needless to specify their number.