How long did you wait to get a MEBA job?

For a new applicant, how long is it going to take me to get a job from the board if I’m in the hall EVERY day? Specifically, I’ll be going out of Houston, but any input from any MEBA hall is appreciated. Especially if one hall is shipping a lot of Group III’s. I know there are a lot of variables, but I’m looking for a ballpark figure, on average. Any input from guys who are/have sailed MEBA is appreciated.

[QUOTE=Hawespiper;32364]For a new applicant, how long is it going to take me to get a job from the board if I’m in the hall EVERY day?[/QUOTE]

Look at the shipping book and see when the last applicant left the hall with a job …

Don’t worry, some crap job will turn up sooner or later or some guy won’t have his paperwork in order. Make sure you hang around the hall until the last job call on the West Coast has closed and enough time has passed for some poor guy to fail his sign on physical, that is when just being in the hall pays off. Pierhead jumps are your salvation, be ready.

Don’t pass up on any night job or daywork, ever.

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I surely plan on taking whatever job is available. Although I’m a Group III applicant, I have a 2nd A/E credential, so my hope is that some “bad” 2nd job will come up that the more senior guys pass on and other applicants can’t take because they don’t have a 2nd endorsement. I’m kinda taking the plunge, that is, quitting my GOM job and going to the hall hoping to get on. A little more dicey for a guy like me with kids and a mortage than it is for a newly graduated academy guy. We’ll see how it goes…

meba just passed the national shipping card, allowing you to ship out of any hall across the states. It might make it a little more easier for you to get out. good luck.

Houston used to be a good port for Grp III guys. OSG tankers call there and Corpus. Talk to Erin. She can give you the dope on schedules. Problem is now shipping is tight and Grp I and II may be looking for those tanker jobs. Good luck.

OSG jobs ALWAYS go open out of Seattle. Usually filled in the South somewhere. I know this is an old thread and you got a ship I am sure, but there are a lot of OSG ships calling on the West Coast and most Group 1 guys hold out for the box boats. Pretty much leaving the tankers for Group 2 and 3. Out of Houston I would say Liberty has a few group 3 jobs