How long could a crew survive at sea during World War Z?

Suppose your out in the ocean in the middle of the hitch and suddenly World War Z occurs, meaning that all ports are infested and inacessible. How long could one survive? If you were on a container ship, how feasible would it be to open the containers in hopes of furthering your provisions? How self-sustainable could you become? How long would fuel/electric systems last?

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Are we allowed to eat dolphins? In that case the answer is indefinitely.

In answer to C.captain I choose answer C.


you could easily cover all three options in one single post.


You must be heading straight for California maritime…



but I want to know if Dolphin meat tastes like Chicken of the Sea?

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That I am, recieved my acceptance letter yesterday actually :call_me_hand:

That I will, thanks

Make sure your crew isn’t infected.

To last the longer time you’d probably anchor out in some obscure location. Even if you bring water and meat aboard from shore you can’t really go cold ship but probably something approaching two years if you have any “engineers” aboard and some decent stores.
Wait!!, is this with or without booze? more than likely though your ship and most of the crew will be “incorporated” into the war effort.

Those smokers on Valdez lasted a long time until that fish man screwed it up. I figure as long as there are no fish-zombie men they should last a long time.


I’ve read of three examples (min.) of forced survival mostly in northern climes, I think none exceeded two years.

Didn’t you see the movie (or maybe it was in the book)? You can’t anchor because the zombies walk along the bottom and climb up the anchor chains.


I’ve never seen more than about 30 seconds of any zombie movie but they are so slow I don’t see what the threat is but walking on ocean floor and climbing the chain would sure get my hair up! now one of those “terminator” units would be a problem!

Just drop it in your handy vat of molten steel and Bob’s your uncle. Or after you freeze and shatter it, put the pieces in separate little boxes until you’re near a handy vat of molten steel.

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Watch 28 weeks later. You want to see some fast zombies.

Could only last with some below deck crew member!!!

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What this guy said.

Except have another drink (or 2) then unleash the pointy stick!

BTW there is a good book written by a Marone Engineer about this (minus the zombies) very topic: