How long before paperwork got assigned to reviewer?

I turned in my documents for renewal and they are waiting to get assigned to a medical person to review them. Does anyone have any information as to how long that step is taking and then how long it takes for them to do the review once it is actually assigned? Anyone heard anything recently about this particular step at the NMC? The REC told me the NMC was taking about 4-6 weeks to do everything IF there were no issues (meaning you’re in perfect health and nothing on your driving record). Anyone know how long they are taking if there are some issues???

medical review has been the biggest snag I have seen. I am in good health, passed all the tests, and the review board wanted doctors notes from a procedure done a year earlier. Huge pita figuring out what they wanted, then getting them the documents. Last line on the med form is checked “applicant is or is not able to perform job function”, a doctor signs it, it should be done…but NMC is spending alot of time “looking”. I got through, but i feel bad for some of my shipmates that are not in as good health. recently sent in application for raise in grade, had the approval letter in hand in about 5 weeks total. imho that was fast. renewal a year ago took 5 months. October to March (when the medical review board shut down in december). NMC is improving. good luck.

I was “in process” from May of 2009 to March of 2010 for an upgrade. Most of that time was for medical review. However, the CFR’s state that your medical on file is good for 3 years (I was within this window when I applied for an upgrade). I spent MONTHS following up on medical issues that were not even supposed to be reviewed if the USCG NMC staff followed the CFR. Seems they don’t follow their own regulations unless of course it suits them.

I have [I][U]heard[/U][/I] they are doing better recently, but my experience is as above.

My company conducts annual physicals on it’s employees…The medical history form that the company requires is over a dozen pages and imho is very intrusive…

During the last physical the nurse asked if I needed the CG physical form filled out also…? No thanks !!!

I am in good health and can do my job no problem but when you have this mch paper work and are being put under the microscope so to speak, you are asking for problems and delays…I will pay for a physical from a DR who knows me and doesn’t wish to make non issues an issue…

[QUOTE=CaptMike04530;31557]However, the CFR’s state that your medical on file is good for 3 years (I was within this window when I applied for an upgrade). .

Can you give the CFR reference please? I would like to have this info handy when dealing with the NMC. Thanks.

Your checklist for raise in grade will reference that your physical is good for 3 years for a RIG…

My checklist references 46 CFR 10.209 / 10.215
10.225 / 10.231

I will be using a physical from 12/07 when I turn in my paperwork next week. I have highlighted the references in my package I am sending in.


Wish I knew about the reference before I turned in my paperwork! I only got my license upgraded last November so should be well within the time limit. I really wish they would just have put the right date on my STCW instead of forcing me to reapply just because I missed out on not checking the box to renew my MMD at the same time as my license upgrade. What a huge mistake!!! I just went through all this just last year and now have to go through it all again…

Thanks for the reference. Who would have thought to look at the handy checklist provided by the NMC. The CFR that applies to Raise in Grade is 46 CFR 10.231 (8). You can search the CFRs at or just google it.