How do I find a job in GOM?

Hello All,

Thank you very much for reading this and replying in advance!

I am a 50 year old mariner that has been going to sea for the last 30 years. All most all of my sea time is on large yachts up to 180’ as captain sometimes as captain and engineer. I have to young boys and I want to be home more, on yachts I can go to sea for 10 months and only be home for a week or two.

I have:
USGC Master 1600 ton all oceans No DP and a
USCG Chief Engineer limited Oceans any horsepower.

I have been applying to all kinds of GOM companies but so far not one call. I would like to work in the wheelhouse but if I have to take an ER job to get my foot in the door that would be fine. I know they do not want to talk to me as I do not have commercial expereince and I have excellent references.

Thank you

Again, if you would take the time to search through the old threads here you would have learned already that you have to get in your truck, drive to South Louisiana and then go from boat company to company then, if you still haven’t gotten anything, you start all over. Budget two weeks and take a packed seabag with your licenses and certs in hand.

You will find a job with both licenses you hold but it is more likely that you will get the offers based on the engineer’s license and not the deck. It’s great that you have 30 years of working on vessels but I would try to minimize the yacht stuff and highlight the commercial side of your career. I assume you have some since you got qualifying seatime for your licenses. You didn’t get that just from yachts I know.

good luck…tell us how you fare.