Help Finding 1 A/E job

I’m new to this job finding also and could use some help. I am a hawsepiper who got started on the great lakes as a deckhand in Dec 04. I decided to go the engineering route because that’s what I was in the USCG(EM2/E-5). My military sea time counted in my favor and with this being my 6th season on the lakes am only 42 sailing days away from having my requirement to test for 1st assistant engineer. I was wondering if anyone out there knows if there is some procedure I have to go thru to work on the ocean or GOM other than just applying with the company itself. I am a member of MM&P and since recently moving to Florida, would like to get off the lakes and try something new a little closer to home. Thank you for your replies in advance. Right now I have a 2ndA/E Unlimited License along with my STCW, TWIC, valid passport and D.L. Any help finding something would be greatly appreciated.

Chief Engineer, limited tonnage, oceans endorsement, any horsepower, Intercon experience, can get work in NY.