Hovercraft positions

Does anyone here have any experience whatsoever with hovercraft? I know a certain number of LCAC drivers retire from the Navy every year…are there any companies operating similar craft? Where do they get their operators? Does anyone know a salary range or even the actual number of jobs that might be out there (in the US)?
I know Japan, China, UK, Canada and a few other countries us hovercraft for various transport and ferry service…is this a growth industry? What are the prospects for hovercraft in the future…crew boat…ferry…tour…charter…???
I would very much be interested in hearing from anyone with information on these questions.
Thanks in advance.


Lynden www.lynden.com operates hovercrafts in western Alaska.

[QUOTE=rshrew;102228]Lynden www.lynden.com operates hovercrafts in western Alaska.[/QUOTE]

You might also look at [B]Hoverlink[/B] www.hoverlink.us.com. They are part of Kvichak Marine in Seattle and they run a semi-scheduled ferry link between the new airport up in Akutan, AK and the fish processing plant in the town itself. I know someone who interviewed with them when they started up last year and he said they seemed like nice folks. The schedule was 21/21 and the pay was pretty good.

I believe the jobs in that industry are obviously very limited, but it seems like if you had the qualifications already you could find a position somewhere. I imagine hover pilots and engineers are a fairly close-knit community.

Hope that helps.

I was an LCAC OIC at ACU 5 a long time ago when the unit was new. I don’t have any info to help you but just wanted to say hello and welcome you to this forum. It’s been an awesome source of information to me. Good Luck!



I worked with a guy who was a hovercraft captain for Crowley. Kind of seasonal.

From what I read on Alaska Dispatch the Akutan hovercraft turned into a bit of a fiasco.

This is a typical Alaska scheme to waste a lot of FREE federal money on a totally impractical and super expensive project that only benefits a handful of people.

The first production-model SSC, LCAC 100, is scheduled for delivery by contractor Textron Systems in 2017.


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I've worked with USMC LCAC hovercrafts and agree they aren't very stealthy... they are also loud as hell. On a calm day we could hear them over the horizon.

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