Hot Hot Heat

For the record, Ladies and Sirs:

What is the hottest dry air temperature you ever put in the log? I’m at 43 right now. I know it can get a lot worse, but I’m like… isn’t winter supposed to be coming all ready? So tell me how good I’ve got it, by telling me how bad you’ve seen it. If you took a photo of the thermometer, you get bonus points.

OK it doesn’t beat yours, but this is at 62.5 degr. north:

Where are you??

off Algeria, I think. Yesterday at breakfast I looked out and saw a big friendly-looking rock off the port side. So I think, probably Algeriaish by now. “Where we are” is not something people usually come to me about. That’s either because I’m not a Captain or not Professional Enough, take your pick.

Try google maps on you mobile. (If there is WiFi that is)

Bah. Why? We have navigators for that.

anyway Google thinks we are in The Netherlands.

Summertime in the Gulf of Aden. 70°C on the economizer deck where we entered the engine room from the house. Pulls the moisture right out of the eyeballs. We were headed eastbound and had all the extra hatches and doors buttoned up for the transit past Somalia.


I don’t remember hottest ever, but on this trip it’s 21°C. North Sea is a cruel bitch in the summer.

Ho-ly. That’s making me feel better. Do you remember the SW temperature? Do you even need to fire the boilers at that temperature? Does the watermaker do its thing for free?

The sea temp was in the 30’s °C. The goal upon entering the engine room was to make it down the stairs without burning your hands on the hand rails until you got to the cooler lower levels. Of course, cooler was still just shy of 50°C. I wound up working off Alaska for a while after that, it was a refreshing change.

It’s 50 now next to the gennies. Overhaul due tomorrow, too. I’m asking cookie for a couple of raw eggs, just to see if I can fry them on the deck plates. Doesn’t NASA have water cooled long johns? Can I get some on surplus, somewhere? Or if we happen to have parts of an old plate heat exchanger in the shop, can I rig it to cool blood with seawater? No harm in trying, right?

Deja vu … I’ll never forget that in the Red Sea. You had to hold your breath and not touch anything while moving very quickly through that passageway.

I have ordered heavy leather gloves for the engineers specifically so they wouldn’t burn their hands on the railing in the ER.

I’ve never tried any of them, but I know that Grainger carries cooling vests. Some of them have a little refrigerator unit that you plug into to bring the temp down. It’s not required by SOLAS, so I’ll probably never see one on board a ship. Supposedly they’re good for 2 to 4 hours. It’s been easier just to duck into the control room for a few minutes to cool down and plan the round based off of the blower locations in the engine room. I also spent lots of time “checking” the air handler room. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, I cut my teeth doing the PL480 runs when I first came into the industry. It was good experience but I’d probably go shoreside before I went down that road again.

I like the idea of a cooling vest. But it’d probably be so heavy if it was intrinsically safe. Guess I’ll just suck it up.

PL480 is a food aid program? Grain bulker or something? I bet you have some stories.

1st keeps telling the machinist to “fabricate an elevator.”

Does the catalogue have asbestos knee pads?