Finally living the Dream

Thanks to everyone that gave me advice.

I am sailing aboard the Nancy Foster in the Gulf right now. This is my first cruise with NOAA. I had forgot how god awful hot it gets down here but I am getting used to it. The crew is tight and very professional. The food has been phenomenal - very good and more than you can eat. We had lamb chops last night. We have decent internet, excellent TV and I can’t even count all the movies.

I am in the augment pool right now but there are sveral permanent postions to apply for if I desire. I think that I am going to stay in the pool until I find a ship that I like.

It was long hard road but it has finally paid off.

Congrats Jakeman!!! Welcome Aboard! We are heading to Manzanillo Mexico from the equator right now and then off to Honolulu (Pearl Harbor). What rating did they bring you in at GVA? Oiler?

I was brought onboard as a junior engineer. The guys are great. They have been very helpful and patient with me.The Chief Engineer and I use to live in the same area in Newport News, VA. He was in the Army and I was in the Navy but I don’t hold it againist him. Ha! Ha!

Hey Capttarpon, I ended up on Hi’ialakai…All OK here…Real busy.

That’s great news! How long are you on the HI?? my ship the Ka’imimoana pulls into Honolulu on the 22nd of this month, maybe we can meet at the pier. To refresh my memory are you deck or Engineering? What rating did they bring you in at?? I am told the HI is a great ship, my Captain used to be the XO on there.

AB, Roger, Cool ship!! Spent fri,sat in waikiki…back now,resting up. 561-909-8648 chris

Does NOAA demand back ground check of applicants?

The has NOAA jobs and it says that.

Please share info’s about it.

Is it as strict as MSC security clearance?