Hospital Ship XO/CM Take 2

It was not made public until the Article. No one but the Captains and NCIS knew why he departed. It was rumored several days later of what it might have been.

What accusation was removed?

That’s not true. Guam PD also knew as did the alleged victims. As did Sr navy officers aboard and their command. As did MSC HQ. As did members of other nations involved with the mission.

Not made “PUBLIC”

There is a document involved.

I can’t say too much without putting our sources at risk but sometimes things are made public but remain difficult to find.

So true.

On MSC ships, if the Supply Dept. isn’t spreading the …gossip…then it is pretty Ultra Top Secret.

I personally don’t believe everting I hear…but it is ok to repeat it.

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The person accused was removed from the vessel


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Also, on a separate note, in regards to WW2, here is the best view of it: