Hornbeck Vessel group manager

I saw this position while looking on Hornbeck website. I read the job description and qualifications but was wondering if you guys who work for Hornbeck could give me more insight into this position. I have my bachelors degree in business and currently hold my 1600ton mate and mate of towing licenses. I am considering going back to school at the graduate programs at either TAMUG or SUNY. I was wondering ab pay, job responsibilities, career advancement potential etc. Thanks

Go back to school. Unless you have shoreside operations experience business degree and mate of towing isn’t gonna help you.

They are paid less than an ab unlimited.

So around 50-60000yr? Is it a good position to advance in management? Anyone else w more info on this position?

From what I can tell, there’s advancement ability. Some of the people who are VPs or other high up positions were VGMs at one time. I have no idea about pay though.

The VGM I know works his butt off taking care of 3 boats. I have no idea what he makes but 50-60k for everything he does would not encourage me to go shoreside.

The job would be what you make of it. Having said that it sounds like he’s looking to move into an office job eventually. His profile is scant on details so there is no way to tell him if, when or how to achieve his goal. How many years in the business? How many years in the OSV industry? What is his education background? What is he bringing to the table. A VGM position is usually filled by a seasoned vessel master based on his proven track record as a reliable budget conscience manager. If the guy is a mate he probably doesn’t have any experience as a master. If he has never commanded his own vessel how could he be in a position over multiple vessels. The business degree may give him an edge with the budget and administrative aspects of the job. We all know that is just a portion of the skills needed to be an effective VGM. The pay is definitely more than an AB’s wages.

The Vessel Group Manager position is listed as “in training”; there is a Crew Coordinator (in training) position listed also.

There are VGMs who have never actaully worked on a vessel as a crew member. Other companies I have worked at have had assistant port captains with very little sea time and an academy degree. Not saying they shouldn’t have the experience but there are those out there in the position without it.

What dream world are you living in? There is no way HOS is filling all those spots with guys with masters licenses. One or two may be with guys who’s wives told them it either to stop going to see or the next time we talk it will be in front of a judge. I have only worked one place where I had a port captain that had any vessel experience, and he was only in the office because he lost his license. From the biggest to the smallest companies every one in the office have only been office weenies.

I just looked at those job postings, if your dream is to go shore side your best bet would be to start as a crew coordinator and then move up to Vessel Group Manager.

And those guys are ummm… I’m drawing a blank… Trying to be civil…

Well the majority of the guys are ex boat hands, a few might be “office weenies”. How bout this the job would be ideally taken by an ex boat guy. At some companies I’m sure nepotism is a factor in getting the job. Does that make everyone feel better?

Lets see.

1 Unlimited Master
3 6000 Ton Masters
3 1600 Ton Masters
4 with limited to no Officer Experience but many years of marine operations.

Operations Managers
1 6000 Ton Master
1 1600 Ton Master / 3rd Mate Unlimited
1 1600 Ton Master

Director of Operations
Chief Engineer

And this list is not all the departments.

I wouldn’t be afraid to bet between those 15 you have close to 200 years of Marine Experience and most of it onboard.

Well dam, a company that actually wants seafarers in the office.

I hate when I’m wrong.