Homeport.uscg.mil credential printable version

I was curious if the USCG’s website tool to “print certificates for display purposes only” would feature the license issue number because I don’t remember which I’m on. Well, there’s no record of my MMC accessible through the website. :cry:
Does anyone know if the "display purposes only " certificate has the issue number?
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Nope. It’s mostly useless and completely horrible.

Also, why can’t you see it yourself? I think it only works with internet explorer maybe.

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It does give you something easier to frame than a passport

Is there any way to look up issue numbers now at all?

I remember a rumor when MMCs first came out that it was in your “Document Number” since that changes with every renewal, but I haven’t figured out the system if that’s the case.

I don’t think it’s in the document number. That’s literally just the number of the document.

If you know your own license history you should be able to figure out your issue numbers. I am currently on 2/3 … see that took me about 2 min with a pen/paper.

More a case of it was nice to be able to see at a glance how much supervision the new guy might need.

What am I missing here? I haven’t seen an issue number since the switch from paper licenses to the MMC. No longer a thing, right?

Yes, since the MMC when rating endorsements were included in the same document and it became possible to renew at any time and when it became possible to upgrade without a new issue of the MMC. With the MMC issue numbers were no longer possible.

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isn’t “issue number” now is a “reference number”?

No, the reference number is your permanent mariner ID number that doesn’t change.

No. Reference number is a unique number for each mariner, it avoids using your SSN as an identifier, that’s why the SSN no longer appears on your documents.