HLV Hawk allision with barge in Pascagoula

This happened in March, 2019, when the Hawk was approaching the “deep hole” just off Ingersole Shipyard where HLVs are able to “dive” to load/discharge cargo:

The NTSB Report was issued in Febr. this year:

Hawk is tankers that was converted to HLV in China in 2008. Part of that conversion was to remove tank section(s) midships to increase the L/B Factor and improve stability characteristics. This also slowed down her normal steaming speed, but improved her handling when maneuvering in port.(Addition of bow and stern thrusters also helped)

The Russian-Estonian Captain and Ch.Officer on Hawk had been in Pascagoula several times before and was well acquainted with that port and the conditions there.

HLV Hawk:

Read the NTSB report , WOW. I’ve said it on here before “Speed Kills”. Maybe Pilot #2 should have had the con.

Let me get this right…They had 3 tugs there with 2 made up with lines. Pilot 1 didn’t want to stop the ship’s engine to slow down, because he was concerned that the ship would lose steerageway. The engine was still on Slow Ahead (not Dead Slow Ahead) when the tugs that were made up aft were pulling astern…I know I am an engineer but things sound F’ked up.

The fact is that this was originally a 138000 DWT tanker:(Seen here as Front Transporter)

The M/Eng. propeller and rudder from the original tanker was retained when she was shortened and converted to a 65000 DWT HLV in 2008, thus giving an “oversized” rudder for her new configuration.