Here We Go Again...Navy Vessel Smacks Moored Ship on the Great Lakes

Just read on the Blog “SNAFU” that an LCS managed to collide with a moored Vessel while still in the Great Lakes. Details thin at present. Please post info as it comes in.
I’m in the P.I., so 12 hours ahead or behind any news cycle

The not-yet USS Billings was getting underway.

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They say no press is bad press but man the navy could use some good press right about now.

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(Just) after the fact video here:

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Thanx for the info. God Bless.

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Would not want to be in the C.O.'s shoes right now but come on. Basic seamanship appears lacking yet again. Keep those tugs with you until safely clear and under full control.
With a clearly evident threat from current and winds a wide berth was required before casting off and cast off while making headway and in full control of thrust and steering.
Yes armchair quarter backing from an Old Goat but please USN enough already.

The commander of the LCS that hit a moored ship in the St Lawrence River has been removed from command.

Cmdr. Michael Johnson was removed from command of the yet-to-be commissioned Billings (LCS-15) on Friday.
Shawn Johnston, commander, Littoral Combat Ship Squadron Two (LCSRON 2), relieved PCU Billings (LCS 15) Blue Crew’s commanding officer, Cmdr. Michael Johnson, June 28, due to loss of confidence in his ability to command,” “The relief follows the recent allision in Montreal, Canada, which occurred on June 21.”

So, what happens to a “master under god” after he demonstrates his lack of skills and judgment and is shown the gangway?