Here is a cool picture!

The Incredible Hull: Queen Mary 2 Captain Strikes Pose
Captain Kevin Oprey takes time out from his round-the-world voyage for a unique portrait beneath the soaring hull of the Queen Mary 2 off the coast of Indonesia’s resort island of Bali last Sunday.The ship, the largest and most expensive ocean liner ever built, is celebrating its 10th anniversary and will make a call in Sydney on March 14 after circumnavigating Australia. It then heads north towards China, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore before turning west for Sri Lanka and Dubai.

I think I would stain my nice dress white uniform a nasty brown if I was standing on a paddleboard under the bow of such a behemoth? I’d stay right up there on that nice huge bridge thank you!

Looks like the bulbous bow to me!

[QUOTE=z-drive;132457]Looks like the bulbous bow to me![/QUOTE]

arrgh! that’s even worse…

send bleach STAT!

I sailed on her from New York to London. Ran into Rod Stewart and his daughter in the elevator She was 6 feet tall and he was about 4 feet tall. I guess she got all her genes from Rachel Hunter

I was thinking about wearing my PFD and hard hat over my tuxedo to dinner, but the crowd was much to stuffy for my hi jinxes

Looks like that bulbous bow needs a good hard scrub! Is that some yellow I see on there? Hardly like Cunard to let their bottom red tarnish! Always wanted to do a TransAt on her, never could afford it, someday!

That’s how things are taken care of when you are a Carnival subsidiary!

[QUOTE=captaint76;132488]That’s how things are taken care of when you are a Carnival subsidiary![/QUOTE]

True, very true. However, since their buyout in 1998/99 Cunard was able to afford the construction of such a ship. Maybe someone else would have bought them, I don’t know, but certainly no one with as much capital as Carnival. In all likelihood they would have slinked away into oblivion.

I think it’s a pretty amazing picture. A picture is worth a thousand words and I believe I could come up with a thousand or more.