A big beautiful ship

I was in Norfolk today and it’s a fabulous place. I love Norfolk, fabulous people, they’re fantastic, and I’ll be honest, they love me very much. Great people.
That’s a beautiful ship. It’s very big. Trust me, I can tell you, it’s beautiful. It’s very big. I watched it go by on the water because boats or ships or whatever you want to call them, they need a lot of water and I must tell you, it’s very big and very beautiful. I think we should have more of these. Many many more. They’re very big and frankly, I’ll be honest with you we need more. And I have to tell you, I was very impressed, and the color, trust me it’s impressive. It’s white you know and it’s a beautiful color. I mean if you were looking for it, I can tell you, it’s white and you could see it. Very beautiful, and I would like to get more. It’s going to do a fantastic job for us, a fantastic job I can tell you. It’ll be a miracle, a big beautiful miracle and the Chinese flu should be very scared because it’s going to be like a miracle, believe me like a big beautiful miracle.


Please, please, pleez, tell me you made all that dialogue up. Preferably while stoned…


If it was BS, it was very good BS. Just like Trump. Just like a big boy of 7 or 8. Many people are saying it.


:wink: Ain’t it something that it’s close enough to cast a doubt?


I knew it was fake from the get go. No insults.

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Bigly? Where is BIGLY?!??!!???

With that said, OMG they are both such UGLY ships. “Hmm, let’s put a shoe box here, and another box here, and another here…” But, form over function!

I bet it looks beautiful to Gov. Cuomo.


Without a doubt. Surprisingly, to me at least, Sean Penn knows a lot about this from his charity work. He observes that these ships are the “show pieces”. The real power lies with the army type mobile hospitals.

I see the USNS Comfort is on her way under own power, (or at least was 11hrs 19 mins. ago)
No sign of any escorting tug(s)

Will she bring help or more problem with her to NYC? From Navy Times:

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well, i had to get halfway thru it before I figured it out … pitiful !! I’m sure it is in fact beautiful (and has been) to those who HAD to go aboard !!
That ship is steam (both of them) … last i knew anway, so getting sr. eng. must be getting challenging!