Hercules Offshore

Anyone have any info on this company? I know they drill and have liftboats. Salary, schedules, and such?

I’m not sure what the liftboat rotations are, but the three rigs we serviced on a recent job were all 14/14 for most of the crew members. I heard, but have not confirmed, that roustabouts started at around $20/hour with guaranteed overtime.

On another company’s liftboat in the same field, working for the same customer, a guy we crew changed told me he was making $160/day as an AB on a <200 GRT liftboat. He also had his 100-ton Master’s license and half a decade of experience running crewboats … just trying to get some 100GRT+ time, I guess.

On Hercules 253 the guys are working 14/14, not sure what their pay is, but I know they are guaranteed overtime. They fly are their crew changes by helicopter, so I only get to talk to the riggers when they come down to offload and backload us.