Helping my brother get out to sea

Hey guys I could use some help in getting my brother started with a career at sea. I have come from a completely different background getting my license and I just want to make sure I put him on the right course. He has no sea going experience and wants to sail, deck or engine he doesn’t care. He has a college degree in IT and has sent in his paperwork for his TWIC card already. What else does he need to get to just get onboard? I would think BST would be a requirement but I’m really not sure and I would appreciate any help. Thanks guys.

Do you not like your brother??? Just joking:D…An entry level MMC couldn’t hurt. I’d advise he head for a career in the Engine Room just for job security and multiple options at sea or ashore. Unless he gets some training like at Seattle Maritime Academy or some such place he’ll be starting out as OS/Wiper/SD(FH). Or with his IT degree maybe he could score a career in the sesmic survey, GMDSS Maitainer or ROV operator or something similar.

Feel free to have him e-mail me if he would be interested in attending a maritime academy.


Did you say IT? If your brother just wants to enjoy the offshore life his quickest and best bet is to look for technician jobs on board seismic, university research, government research, or any other type of vessel which is gathers lots of data and is highly dependant on multiple networked computers to do the job.

Once your brother gets his foot in the door, he can look around at the other jobs on board a working vessel, talk with people, and decide if he wants to switch from tech to something else. Many companies will count tech time as sea time too.

I have seen the cruise lines looking for IT people. If he just wants a IT job he should search, there are a lot of IT jobs there

PMI has a pretty cool 2 year program. Buddy of mine is in it and is graduating this week. He started with nothing and now after lots of sea time, classes and training, he’s getting a 500 Ocean / 1600 NC Mate, and staying on with the company that he’s been sailing with.

he should also hit up companies that operate DP vessels. Several of them employ electronics technicians onboard and depending on his background he might be a good candidate.