Well I finally decided to stop lurking and join in the fun. I have frequented this site to find information for quite a while now and it has been one of the best resources I have found to help decipher licensing requirements, CFR’s, ect. I hope to be able to contribute something worth posting in the near future…

A little about me,
currently a 200GRT NC master and like all the others, working my way towards bigger and better things.:smiley:

I currently run a 135’ mini supply for I.O.S. (I know). I also have experience running private yachts to 115’, private sportfishers, and got my start on charter boats. Except for the 28/14 grind, I like the commercial side of being a mariner more than the many years I spent in the private sector.

Hopefully more to come soon…

Welcome aboard rigdvr! Yes, there is a lot of good info here.

And good luck as you work your way up the food chain!