Helicopter Fishing

This is completely offtopic but it is pretty amazing.

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I admit it’s authenticity is questionable

wow. that is fricking insane!

So he jumps from the helicopter wearing his sunglasses… ?

Yes, You must wear your sunglasses because at the speed you hit the water makes the plankton like little projectiles that can penetrate the soft tissue of your eyes. If anybody would like to try this, let me know. However there have been several helicopter crashes of these small helicopters, due to the sudden shift in weight, when the person jumps, causing an over control and the rotor blades flexing down and cutting off the tail. That is why they jump over schools of fish, if the pilot has to jump out of the helicopter also, he too and grab a fish.

Are you serious? I just assumed this was fake in some way or another.

Right in front of the cameraman who just happened to be swimming there.

It’s REAL!! Just like when the gyro causes the “Steve Irwin” to roll uncontrollably! They could never fake something like that!