Heading into heavy seas

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www.shipspotting.com / Geir Vinnes

Wrong tool for the job in both cases.
What goes up must come down…
Wrong size waves for the vessels

Any suggestion as to better “tools” for the job?

Wrong order; “what goes down must come up” is better in this case.

What is your suggestion, larger ship/boat, smaller waves?

Or v.v.?

Photos really don’t do waves justice, that looks like the boat is in about 3-4 foot seas.

They look like they picked the exact speed that keeps the pitching of the boat in exact synch with the wave period. Maybe change speed a bit?
(if that was my ski boat doing that I would hit full down trim :wink: )

It is not the wind driven seas that cause her pitching but the long period swell that is hard to see on the picture. Besides, she is heading with the swell direction, not against it.
A nice calm day in the Northern North Sea by the look of it.

PS> Normand Leader is operating in the Norther North Sea from the base at Mongstad
She is no “ski boat”:

X bows fixed lots of that pitching, bows have had the wrong design for years

I think this video has been posted here before, but just to prove your point:

Source: How the X-BOW® works movie | Inverted bow concept - Ulstein

PS> The above video was shot in the same area as the Normand Leader now operates.

Im pretty sure this pic has been around since the dawn of the internet, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. Purportedly taken in March of 99 off Bayonne, France.

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also has been done from 16’ beach cats and up as designers worked out going through the wave takes less effort than resisting them with increasing buoyancy as they go into them, hence the force throwing the boat up.

So the exact opposite of the Carolina Bow?

If memory serves, before the Germans made the issue moot, is that the Lusitania had no bow flare or sheer at all and while fast, was wet and took a lot of spray across the decks from the low buoyancy bow going through vs. over.

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they all look like this now

Great shot of what looks like a Maersk feeder ombugge. Bit of slamming going on there, I’ll bet the ‘old man’ had some trouble keeping his false teeth in place. Can’t understand why, or how, the water-breaker is down. though, damaged maybe?

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of some slamming on a 50,000dwt tanker. Supt was on board and he was a little dismayed I leaned over the focsle to get the shot! Don’t worry, I was tethered.

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Carolina bow effective when boat waves suit each other then its a huge negative creatign a worse ride.
Does keep the anchor chain clear of the boat, I hate yachts with plumb bows.

The crew ON THE Coast Guard 47 would be saying “YEE-HAW!”.