Hawespiper at school with the yachties

OMG, “Only work on the way to the regeatta”??
I WISH it was that simple, there is ALWAYS stuff to work on! Like I’ll be doing today and tomorrow and…

  • one reason you have a paid captain and crew is their hourly rate is less than the yard charges, so they are expected to be working on SOMETHING if the boat is not underway.
    ** Then there is the totally separate category of what we WAFIs call “rock stars”, these guys do only work the actual races. If you are really good you can do this and make quite a bit of money, but it is not exactly a stable career.

Yeah right! You’ve obviously never set foot on a large yacht. If you had you would have seen a crew working their butts off maintaining a standard of function and appearance that equals what you might find on Air Force One.

I worked in the the industry for 5 years, I know it well
Worked for Europeans and one Asian
Have friends and colleagues world wide still in the industry

To be fair to Powerabout, there does exist a type of crew that only works during an actual race. These “hired guns” tend to be very very good at their jobs and do a specialized task like tactician or helm. It takes HUGE amount of unpaid time on the boats to get good enough and get a good enough reputation to do this as a career.
This is very different than the permanent paid crew if there is any. Those guys are fixing, sewing, scrubbing, splicing, cleaning, painting, and 100 other things all the time. The owner considers it a fail if he has to pay the yard to do things the crew should be doing.

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This Owner is looking for a Capt./Wingman??
|### aptain| Job Id: #1817|Permanent|Private

  • Location: South Pacific
  • Vessel Flag: Cayman Islands
  • Starting Date: Apr 01 2022
  • Vessel Size: 100’ to 149’ (31 to 45 meters)|
    | — | — | — |

Additional Requirements:

  • VISA: B1,B1/B2,Schengen,US Passport/GreenCard
  • Experience: 2 Year - 5 Year


  • YM200 or higher


Med - Caribbean - Panama Canal - South Pacific - Asia


I am looking for a Captain. This is a Permanent position. The start date is 01 Apr 2022. The position is in South Pacific. Candidate must have one of the given visa(s): B1, B1/B2, Schengen, US Passport/GreenCard. The preferred experience level for this position is 2 Year - 5 Year.
The owners intention is to cruise the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Panama (Canal) then head down to the South Pacific and Asia.This boat will be run in a different fashion to the usual “yachting program” for a few different reasons. The owner is a single gentleman in his late 50’s, he enjoys to have a good time while in port which will inevitably mean he’ll invite ladies onboard regularly which will require a “blind eye” to be turned for lack of a better explanation. His goal is to hire a Captain who he can buddy up with and who will join him on occasions to explore the experiences of where the boat takes him. He wants someone who will know their boundaries of work and play for reasons of safety aboard the vessel.

Since single guys on boats usually try and shag like a carpet factory anyway, the “blind eye” might be things like girls not legal in the 1st world :fearful: or why mention it?

I knew 2 guys that had those jobs, top sailors of race yachts but they were dry stored.
I guess the owners worked out putting the crew on the megaychat was cheaper than putting them in a crew house?
A bit like the chopper pilot, not much to do when not flying or preparing to.