Have you ever been convicted of

<DIR>American Pilots Association President is a member of Maryland Pilots Association group…while President of APA. WHY would anyone place this and/or push legistlators to place this in their application for pilot? This is a severe conflict with USCG FEDERAL LICENSE QUESTIONAIRE. What is the penalty for lying on a Federal License renewal form…and still being able to answer the below question for the state of Maryland ? Why the confusion ?


[B]Have you been convicted of or received probation before judgment for any drug offense committed after January 1, 1991? Yes No[/B]

[COLOR=black]Let me understand this: If someone was taking and hooked on an assortmant of cocktail prescriptions, ate pot laced brownies at some party, or had a severe problem with cocaine or some other drug…and kicked the habit on [/COLOR]December 31st - 1990…right before the ball fell in time Square…came to this clowns office and inquired about joining…would this count ?

Legistlators folks do not just wake up one day, yawn, stretch, pass gas…get out of bed and say " [I]Hey…I’m going to introduce legistlation today on the hill which will induce positive future characters in our States Pilotage ranks ".[/I] There is a reason why this date is there… and it ain’t because of legistlators passing gas…

And can somebody tell me what the hell does the following question mean ? …

[SIZE=2][B]Have you ever been convicted of a felony; or of a misdemeanor directly related to your fitness and qualifications to provide pilotage?[/B]

</DIR>[B] Yes [/B][B]No [/B]

[B][COLOR=black]How the heck does one commit a misdemeanor and have it[/COLOR][/B][B] effect your fitness…? [/B]

[B][COLOR=black]a) Fall down drunk off your ass during field sobriety test and hit your head?[/COLOR][/B]

[B]b) Be on everything under the sun…get underway in fog…get lost…situationaly unaware, hit a bridge … [/B]
[B] negligently pollute our waters…costing around 70 million in cleanup costs…and be found only guilty of misdemeanor charges … so as to get license back in 2010 [/B]