Harveys black hole

So anyone have any insight to why Harvey is trying to swallow up everything? Even heard a merge with HOS. What are they doing? Anyone know?

As someone else said in another thread, I’d have to agree. Most likely gain a bunch of market share and go public to make the rich richer.

No way a privately held company can go for a public company without literally buying all the shares up first which would be a hostile takeover. That ain’t gonna happen between HGIM and HOS but I agree that the money behind that cretin Shane Guidry is out for a very big payoff very soon by going public. Can you imagine a swampman like Guidry a multibillionaire? I already is likely very close now to the big B but after an IPO, he’ll be rolling in dumptrucks of money! Only in the GoM offshore where the workers get shit benefits and no pensions while Joe Boss and his boys clean up laughing all the way!

Yea I don’t see HOS trying to merge with Harvey. Could have bumped up our day rates but oh well lol


That’s bottom of the filth

I hear ECO is about to bump their rates, so HOS will be next. Could be a rumor as always but they’ve lost a lot of people

If I added a dollar to my day rate for every time I’ve heard that this year, I’d be really close to 2k/day.

I’ve been calling it “Harvey’s black hole” for years

…not good if you ask me, if they buy most of the other companies, they will dictate our day rates and screw us anyway they want by monopolizing market…

He can’t buy any of the larger companies, therefore he won’t have significant leverage to affect day rates for crew or the vessels. As discussed he’s just posturing to go public for the big payday like the Facebook guy did. Him and his money guys will be the only ones smiling on that day.