HOS Stock

Has anyone seen HOS stock lately?? It almost seems like the Company is dissolving. By no means I’m a stock broker or economist, But it seems like the perfect time for a Big Company with lots of overseas money to buy this place, Has anyone in the field heard any such rumors. I did hear that Todd might be asked to step down as CEO.

Too much DEBT.

After looking at the numbers of that stock, if I had to choose between purchasing $100 in shares or $100 in scratch-off lottery tickets I might consider the latter.


It’s down to .73 somebody needs to throw them a lifering.


As of 13:30 EST it’s up by 20% for the day!!

That’s one of the fun things about penny stocks, a 14 cent increase can equal a 20% return. The bad thing is a 14 cent decrease can mean a 20% loss or it can fold up into a bankruptcy & you can walk away with nothing. With a company like HOS it’s closer to gambling than investing.

That’s what I cant figure out. I know they have a lot of debt, But they are one of the top 3 in Fourchon And have 2 billion dollars worth of equipment, “maybe a little less”, It just doesn’t seem like they can just dry up and blow away. I hope they Make it.

Tell me about it. I thought I was buying HOS stock on the dip a year ago… needless to say, I was wrong. Now I’m just hoping it gets back up without a reverse split sometime soon.

My philosophy is to never invest money in individual stocks that I’m not willing to lose completely. As financial podcaster David Stein says, a lose in individual stocks shouldn’t hurt you, only sting. From the most recent article from Seeking Alpha, it looks like HOS equity holders are about to be stung (or hurt) because Hornbeck is between a rock & a hard place.


With the last confrance call Todd pretty much said that with out some type of recovery in the next 2 quarters that HOS can show some type of profit and be able to issue new bonds to cover the ones due in April it’s over. They’ll chapter 7 and be like Harvey Tidewater and Gulfmark.

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With the owners and management at HOS I would say there is a good chance they will liquidate and just blow away.

For the employees that’s not necessarily bad news but sucks for the investors.