Hard to believe that once upon a time this was a flagship US shipping company

and first runner up to “United States Lines”

[B]APL Undergoes Strategic Restructure[/B]

By MarEx - January 10, 2014

(note the hailing port on the stern of this fine vessel!)

APL has announced an organizational realignment to a functional structure to drive its business forward. APL will move from the current geographically-organized structure to a functional one. The functions will be in the areas of Trade, Commercial, Operations, Procurement and Planning & Strategy.

“The container shipping industry is undergoing profound changes, characterized by low growth and intense competition. We recognize there is a need for APL to respond more quickly to the market and to our customers. We are pushing ahead with our strategy to sharpen our competitive edge through cost efficiency and organizational agility while building on our strong reputation for service quality,” said Kenneth Glenn, president of APL.

“APL has significantly improved its cost position through operational efficiencies, as well as the continuing introduction of large fuel-efficient ships and the return of expensive chartered tonnage. We want to now take our speed of decision-making, market responsiveness and cost management to the next level by adopting a function-led management approach.”

APL said its approach is derived from a broad and in-depth study of its current business model and roadmap, as well as feedback from extensive customer engagement.

A new APL leadership team has been formed to ensure the successful execution of APL’s objectives, effective 10 February 2014. Members of the new team, led by Kenneth Glenn, APL President, are:
Peter Jongepier, chief commercial officer
Calvin Leong, chief trade officer
Nathaniel Seeds, chief operations officer
Jason Wong, chief procurement officer

As part of the realignment, the role of current regional and country leads will be organized into commercial and operations functional leads.

I wonder how many of those new senior executives are US citizens?


Probably none. Curious to see what’s going to happen to our (APL) MSP program in the upcoming future. Is anyone smart enough to translate this to me?

Especially since all their ‘US flag’ ships are foreign built. Well hell, they actually don’t have ANY US built ships anymore as of this past summer.

Which ships did they have this summer that were US built? Far as I know they haven’t had a US built ship since they sold the C9’s to Matson.

I have actually seen a few of APLs “jewel” ships get reflagged to US. They will come in flying a forgien flag and a few months later when they come back its the stars and strips and Oakland CA on the stern.

I stand corrected. I thought the C 10s were US built. I thought wrong.

[QUOTE=Texaco;128123]I stand corrected. I thought the C 10s were US built. I thought wrong.[/QUOTE]

West Germany. Matson Mokihana, formerly President Monroe, was probably the nicest ship I’ve ever been on. Lykes Discoverer, former APL built L-9 Pacific class, was a very close 2nd place. Nobody built them as nice as APL from what I saw.

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[QUOTE=c.captain;128073]and first runner up to “United States Lines”

I wonder how many of those new senior executives are US citizens?


Hey CC, super scummy outfit Sealift now has at least one APL ship under its wing. It is getting worse, much worse.