Harbor Tug Companies


I am looking at Harbor Tugs on the East and Gulf Coast and appreciate feed back on which companies are quality companies and not fly by nights. Also, what can I expect for Captain day rates and work schedules? Thus far I have researched Bouthard, McAllister, Moran and Sea Bulk.


Shipmate1,<br> I worked for a bit for Moran in Virginia and the harbor guys in Norfolk were making between $350-$400 a day for Captains. The schedules were either 2to1 or even time depending on the boat. The bigger, newer tractors were either working the Naval base or LNG up in Cove Point and you had to know the secret handshake to get on those. McAllister was paying about the same over in Newport News from what I understand. Both companies have been around forever. Hope that helps.<br>Doc