Halon fixed system manual

I’m looking for the USCG approved manual for an old Kidde-Fenwal Halon system. The manufacturer has been unresponsive. There’s a local distributor who was, amazingly, able to dig up an archived manual from 1987, but not for a marine system.

Our last annual inspection resulted in an 835 that called out the lack of an automatic shutdown switch for the mains and ER blower. It’s not a hard fix, but we’re supposed to reference the original manual in our plan.

Anyone have a deep archive, or have any ideas of where to look?

The last time I had a reason to look up the use of Halon, at least on commercial vessels. Was that it is no longer permitted…Presumably replaced with Co2 Systems…

Required to phased out of production about 30 years ago. But unlike the EU I think, unless somethings changed the US never banned its use on ships…they can keep their halon systems until the legacy stockpile runs out.

I don’t suppose your company keeps duplicate copies of technical manuals on shore? Or sister-ships?

I don’t know about a USCG approved manual, but if I remember correctly MSC’s T-AOE 6 class has halon protection in the machinery spaces unless they upgraded (mains are GT’s but generators are diesel if that matters). And it’s likely the USN still has many in their fleet. If you know any current MSC or Navy sailors you might reach out.

Pretty sure that’s the land-based install manual not the marine version (it specifies bolt sizes for brick vs concrete walls and doesn’t cover main engine shutdowns).

Your likely right. It was the only one I ran across with spending too much time researching.

What I learned from the distributor was that Halon is no longer being produced, and you can’t install a new Halon system. You can however buy a system charged with reclaimed Halon, or Halon mixed with Nitrogen, although none are approved for installation by USCG. Apparently the US armed forces owns most of the Halon left in the world.

The system on our boat was approved by USCG in 1993, so that’s the manual that I need. It’s a “487 Series” Halon 1301 system. According to the Coast Guard’s list of approved systems, the manual ID is F42138.

I have a 1987 Kidde Marine Halon 1301 Manual- but I am a new user here, and not allowed to upload. If you email me at mherzog@hillercompanies.com I can send you the sections you are looking for.