Halifax flagged AHTS busted running anchors in GOM

The MV Atlantic Kingfisher, a foreign flag vessel was recently busted running anchors in the GOM for Transocean. Don’t know what the fine was but I hope it is a lot.

Heavy fines are in order. I would have a hard time believing it was an oversight

…and the boat’s parent company not be allowed to work in US waters for 2 years.

That vessel came from Canada to tow Transocean’s semi Henry Goodrich back to East Canada. The rig has been in Pascagoula undergoing repairs and upgrades since mid-December 2011.

I clicked on this thread, read it, and was just about to click off when the mate caught my attention and pointed out that the Atlantic Kingfisher was passing off our bow(we’re tied up in a slip at C-Port 1 at the moment) Looks like they’re going to tie up in flotation somewhere.

She is moored at B slip…I can see her from HOS Port

She has been reported, thanks for the tip

If it’s here to tow the rig back to Canada they are doing nothing illegal. Two US flagged vessels towed the rig to Pascagoula from Canada.

What’s been reported? Nothing says it can’t go to Fourchon. Did I miss something?

She had a couple buoys on the back deck when she passed and now she’s tied up at Intermoor, so take that for what you will.

Trying to disguise as a chouest boat I see.

Is it painted like one? If so, I could see how it would raise some eyebrows.




Here she is heading into flotation canal.

I think all their boats are orange based on their web site - Atlantic Towing.

Yes,once again the Jones Act rears it ugly head.
Funny;no one complained when the two mud boats came up from the Gulf to tow the rig down.
Busted is a strong word;the charterer had the last say on who would do the towing not the vessel or its owners.

That was two AHTS vessels not mud boats.

yes,I seen them
It was no walk in the park according to the pictures I have seen.
Why didn’t they do the return tow?

I think they burned too much fuel.

The Kingfisher was in loading a new towire before departing with the rig.
I also think they had to clear Customs and Immigration.