Gulf employment for newbies

I will be going to southern Louisiana in a couple of weeks in search of employment. My credentials include: 100 ton near coastal master, AB unlimited, STCW basic safety training, PSC lifeboatman, VPDSD, FCC radio operator permit. I currently do not have a safe gulf or RFPNW credential. What are my chances of finding a decent job?

Pay the school and get your RFPNW. Almost 100% with it. Not sure without it.

I need sea time on a larger vessel for RFPNW. Otherwise, I would have already done that.

I had the exact same credentials. Unfortunately without the rfpnw I had to turn down 3 ab positions. You’re pretty much going to have to settle for an OS position. If you’re lucky they might boost your pay since you do hold the credentials (at least that’s what my company did). I wouldn’t worry about rigging, most companies send you anyways. You may have some luck with a crew boat company with that 100 ton but my company has some crew boats and without any experience running one they most likely will not hire you as a capt. Once again prob as an OS till you can prove yourself. ( that’s speaking for the bigger better companies, not sure about the small “less fortunate” companies). Hope this helps.

Go get hired on as an OS in the GOM. As soon as you have the RFPNW your pay will go up.

[QUOTE=westmaui;131440]I need sea time on a larger vessel for RFPNW. Otherwise, I would have already done that.[/QUOTE]

Go take the two day RFPNW Lookout course first. You’ll need a TWIC card too.

Be prepared to start as an OS, or a deckhand on a crewboat. Nothing wrong with that. Frankly, I think you would be best off on a crewboat or mini supplyboat. If you are talented or lucky, you’ll be a captain within a few months.