I am as green as green can get. I have a good frriend whose been in this work for past 8 years, he suggested that I attend the Bayou la batre school for my STCW to have a better chance at getting hired over just having an OS rating. I got a hold of one of the recruiters and advised that taking the class would be waste of time because I need sea time fombage of 16. which I do but it’s all been on private fishing boats. jet ski’s. so what do I do or what are my

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What exactly is your question? You need STCW to work on vessels greater than 200 GRT. It won’t change your rating however. You’ll still be an OS.

You don’t need STCW for less than 200 GRT. Since you’re talking about Bayou La Batre, I’m thinking offshore? You could work on a crewboat if you can find a job.

You don’t need seatime to get Basic Training STCW which is all you could possibly need at the entry level. It will probably show some initiative on your part having gotten it but it will not guarantee you a job. Getting your foot in as an OS is tough but someone who gets their Basic Training at least is telling the prospective employer that you are serious. The turnover rate for OS’s is high because you won’t really know what you’re getting into until you experience it no matter how many sea stories your friend has told you. That’s why companies shy away from hiring an OS especially when so many AB’s and even Officers that are willing to work on deck are out there right now. I’m not trying to discourage you but just being real. The competition for jobs is high so you have to put your very best foot forward. You’ll be competing against Academy Grads with 3rd Mates Licenses and a four year college degree so come in looking sharp, be ready to explain why you are a hard worker, that you can adapt to change, and that you can work with anyone. There’s a lot of tough characters offshore that like to bust the new guys balls to see if he can take it. It’s normal and in my opinion a good thing. It’s a tough job and you have to learn quick and be able to roll with the punches and to fit in on a crew, especially small crews on tugs or crew boat etc, they are going to want to know that you can follow orders, have a good sense of humor, are clean, willing to go the extra mile to learn, and work good in the confined working environment of a vessel. That’s all well and good once you get the job but first you somehow have to get that across to a guy working behind a desk either over the phone or in a 15-30min interview. Talk to people and read up on good interview practices. What it takes to impress the office guy is not at all what it’s going to take to impress the Captain you will work for so know the difference and play the part for the office guy and be ready to switch gears if you get hired. The Captain is the one who will be watching and testing you. The company usually has a good bit of money invested in any new hire so they are picky, even though it’s beyond me why they sometimes the pick the ones that they do. Lastly, as an OS take any job you can get and shoot for a vessel at least over 100 Tons so that you get seatime on vessels of at least that size and upgrade to AB as soon as you have the seatime to do so. Once you’re an AB you’ll have more options and since you would at that point already be in the industry you will know more about where you want to go to further your career. And don’t quit even a shitty job until you have another job. Like I said jobs are hard to come by in this industry right now and it’s always easier to get a job when you already have one.


Sounds like you have a slight connection. Ask your friend of 8 years if there is work where he is at… The posters above are giving very good advice. Many seasoned mariners are just trying to stay employed right now,or working at less than their credentials. Consider following the post " Apprentice Programs, SIU or AMO" on this site. Many answers and suggestions. Good luck sir.

you all hit it on the nail. Im switching proffessions for Law enforcement to hopefully this, so I know what it’s like to be green and take sh*t from senior people… I just got confused cause my friend said to take the class to show initative and to have something more than just an OS on my applications. What got me saying “HUH?” was the guy at the school saying I’d be just throwing my money away. I dont have the assumption that if I take the course, I’d start of at that lvl… I’m perfectly fine knowing that I’ll an OS still or in other words no better than parrot shit under a boot until I prove myself. So my question still stands… should I take the course or just throw OS apps out and pray 1 sticks? Also what is the best place to look for a job and what size boat do I look for to start off on… I’m bound and determined and appreciate all input

Which course exactly did you ask the school about? Some of their STCW courses would be a waste of money for you right now but if he told you that Basic Training was a waste then I question his mental capacity. Without that course you aren’t even qualified to be an OS on many vessels so it would help you get a job.

The school may have assumed you already had BST if you told them you had your OS credential already.

That makes sense. I thought I mentioned it as maybe I didn’t. I’ll keep you updated. But one last thing. Do i need the 3hours on a boat

What are you talking about?

Was curious about this:

What does a discharge from time on a jet ski look like? HP/tonnage restrictions?

Are you asking if you need at least 3 hours to count as a day of sea service? It needs to be at least 4 hours. See 46 CFR 10.232(h)(3):
On vessels of less than 100 GRT, a day is considered as 8 hours unless the Coast Guard determines that the vessel’s operating schedule makes this criterion inappropriate; in no case will this period be less than 4 hours.

See also the definition of “day” in 46 CFR 10.107.

Like this. But it’s probably not going to count for anything.

360 hours sea time

Sea time is counted in days not hours and we can’t answer how much you need it you don’t tell us what you’re applying for.

That’s not how sea time is counted. Was it 1 hour a day for a year, or 24 hours a day for 2 weeks? If it’s not at least 4 hours in a single day, it doesn’t count.

I read on a page where someone asked if jetski counted as sea time and they answered yes but it amounted to like 12%. But I got it straighten out. i can take the 5 day basic course to get the STCW

I was originally told that I needed 360 hours of sea time for school but it was a mix up on what i wanted to go to school for.

to clear up… i want to start workin in maritime. a friend works on a coal barge and advised me on what to do. I recently got my TWIC but my friend also suggested to go to seaschool in AL for the 5 basic training course for my STCW… when i called the school the rep misunderstood what i was saying and said i need 360 hours seatime first or it would be a waste of money. I contacted my friend back and he told me exactly we what to say. in short we got it figured out. i know i put alot of confusing questions on here but i appreciate the effort on trying to help and advise.

No they didn’t because sea time isn’t counted in hours.

360 days perhaps?