Gulf Coast job

I have a 100 ton Master NC and have been trying to get a job in the gulf on either a crew boat or supply boat. The thing that stumps me is that no one wants me because I want to be 1099. Seems like if they didn’t have to pay insurance or any benefits they would jump all over that. I’m a retired firefighter with numerous certifications from EMT to Haz Mat Tech. Also have extensive UW salvage experience of sunk boats and planes and am a PADI Instructor with over 5000 dives. I guess I’m just puzzled…any suggestions from the guys that have been down there?<br><br>

Legally, they’re not going to allow a subcontractor (1099 or otherwise) to take a multi-million dollar piece of equipment for a ride in the GOM. <br><br>Are you willing to post the necessary P&I coverage, Pollution and Liability coverages, etc., in case you tear up one of their boats, or hurt, maim, or otherwise cause the demise of one of their “real” employees? First, I don’t think you could afford the insurance, nor are there going to be too many companies that are going to go through the legal wranglings and hoops to create the necessary paperwork and indemnifications for one employee with no track record in the industry, let alone that particular company.<br><br>My suggestion to you would be, since you’re training shows you’re cognizant of safety and safety programs, is that you go work for one of the majors, and see just what is at stake before you “stump” yourself much further.<br><br>Does that answer your question?

I have a suggestion…denounce your government, start your own country where you are exempt of all the rules that govern the rest of us.

<P>First, thank you El Capitan for the constructive ideas and suggestions. I guess I didn’t think about some of what you pointed out, that’s why it’s good for people to ask questions and get opinions and ideas from others. As far as Capt Lee, what in the world are you talking about? The 1099 issues have nothing to do with trying to be exempt from any rules. I was just trying to help some company by not making them pay for benefits like insurance and retirement items that I already have in place through my retirement. I would have to say that a total of 25 years as a full time firefighter and also a 9/11 rescue worker makes me more patriotic than some people in this beautiful country.<br><br></P>

I hope that you’d expect to be paid the actual daily amount that a regular employee costs the company in base compensation and benefits. Why in the world would you go to work making 40% less than the guy you relieve, and how would you deal with the miserable life you would have aboard your boat sailing with guys who know that your first priority is “helping for the company”? <br><br>I spent my 100 ton years in the charter boat/dive world on Maui, working 1099 jobs, so I know your perspective. <br><br>Find a crewboat job and then start working your way up the licensing structure. This is a great time to be coming into the industry. There are companies that will pay your way all the way up to Unlimited Master. Take those awful benefits you just don’t want. Or, for real 1099 fun, get into the fun-filled world of yacht captain-ing. If job security and benefits aren’t your priority, that’s the place to be. <br><br>Best of luck with your search for work!