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Not really a maritime question but… WTH?
I am looking at buying a new guitar. 1,000.00 - 1,400.00 range Martin or Takamine?

i like martins better then takamine, but have you looked at seagull? There not the easist to find, but ive played a few and if i ever get around to getting a new acoustic they are on the short list.

Cheng I’ve been a guitar player my whole life, and have built a couple of acoustics too. You can find some great guitars in that price range, but forget about brand names. Go to a guitar shop and grab and play every ax in the room that falls within your price range. The one that chooses you will let you know. Once you have your new baby in hand, take it over to Mike Lull in Bellvue, or Brady Anderson in Olympia, or Dan Wilson in Gig Harbor, wherever is closer to you, and have it set up for your style of playing and your needs. You’ll find you have a guitar that plays and sounds better than others costing twice as much.

Have been playing guitar since the age of 8. Never takena guitar to sea, mostly down to problems with baggage allowances imposed by the Airlines. It will be something I will make more effort to do on my next trip. Currently own a Yamaha steely, nothing too fancy. I’ve had my eye on a Takamine lately, can’t remember the model but it was the best sounding accoustic i’ve played.

OK this is my new baby. A little more than I wanted to spend but…
I’m kinda stoked…
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Takamine TAN16C, lists for 2,265.00 picked it up NEW! for just under 1,400.00.
I’ve been looking seriously for about six months. I narrowed it down to three or four Taks or Martins. I understand your point about playing everything I could get my hands on and from Strings and Things in LA to Guitar Center in Seattle I hit every store I could in the last six months. Now I have to wait til I get hometo play the thing. 6 days and counting…

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I’m a bass player, and I’ve been in love with Ibanez basses lately. Capt_A is right, play EVERYTHING. I once went to a guitar store right when it opened, and only left because they were closing, and I still didn’t play every bass they had.

Here’s my next ax. I’m taking this one to work with me.
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Wow that is a cool guitar Capt_A, I’ve never seen one of those before. Hmmm, I wonder if they have bass versions…

it would be easy to make a bass like that.

I edited my earlier post with pictures. Look above.

Hola, Just got back into the fray. Why is it that the time spent at the house is never enough?
Had the Takamine waiting for me at home when I got there. Cracks around the fretboard and a blemish on the back. Nice guitar though, hated to send it back…
Taylor 416 ce Limited Edition showed up the night before I flew out. Actual pics…

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Now that is a beautiful guitar!

My new bass that’s coming in the mail:

Nice box, Cheng, and welcome back to the party! I’ve got a new baby too, just picked it up the day before I came back to work. I can’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with it:
Vashon Guitars “Messenger”

“The Messenger” Huh? Looks sweet (and expensive) with all the inlay. I always liked the sound of an archtop… Nice bass cam

It plays and sounds great, and I got if for $800.00 brand new. I had a 335 back in the day and have always missed it. This is a perfect replacement.

Thanks Cheng, it’s a Dean Edge Pro. A buddy of mine has a similar guitar and I fell in love with it, hopefully I’ll like this one just as much. Gorgeous guitar Capt_A!

Thanks! It’s settling in nicely with my others and has an amazing tone through my Bassman head and 4x10 cab.