Charts for school


Anyone know if $16.50 is a good price for charts?

I need 4 for a navigation class and the cheaper I can get them the better. From what I understand, they are just training charts.

FAA 1254TR Long Island Sound East
FAA 39TR Great Lakes
FAA 12221TR Chesapeake Bay
FAA 13205TR Block Island Sound

If I can order them online for cheaper than $16.50 great!

Any thoughts?


boats through away charts all the time as they’re updated, last hich we got rid of a pile of them.
ask around and maybe you could get 'em free.


If you don’t want to buy them talk to an upper classman and see if you can borrow his.


I lucked out, $3.00 at:

Hopefully I can get away with just using my free online version of Chart No. 1 and Bowditch!


If they aren’t the training charts, be careful. The training charts are from 1990 something, and the new ones are drastically different. We tested on the Chesapeake Bay chart when I sat, but they used print on demand charts, and the instructor threw out a question off the chart plot because the right answer wasn’t there using the new chart.


16.50 for all four is OK. I paid 5 bucks a piece for the TR charts.


New3M -
Did this happen at one of the academies in New York in 2006? If it wasn’t, let me know so we can look into it. I’m aware of a problem with one question on an academy exam in '06.
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The training charts are available at any Nautical book store (Baker Lyman, Captain’s, or any other store that sells charts for $3.00 each. Pretty common, just ask for the training charts and they will know what you need.


That’s exactly when it happend JD…but I think the guys name was Bob Ryan? He said he was the one in charge of the testing for the whole country or something.


It was Bob Kenney, until recently he was in charge of deck exams and was proctoring the exam as no one in the REC was available. It was the REC that was responsible for and screwed up the charts. As a result of that screw-iup, the RECs now submit regular inventory reports so we can be sure they have enough of the right charts.