First Class Pilots Exam

I’m wondering where to get the blank charts to practice the chart sketch. Any ideas? Also for the local knowledge section is this all taken from coast pilot?
Thanks for the help

I just made a good tracing of the chart and took it to a local blueprint company and they made copies at $5 a piece. Anywhere that has an oversized copy machine can do it for ya, Staple, Officemax etc…

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That’s what I’ve heard from numerous people. At least one guy had it printed onto a semi transparent paper that he could hold up to the original chart to see how well he did at each sketch.

Ask the REC for the area

Are u approved to draw? Do u have a letter?

Not yet, I’ll be submitting application in the next few days for port fourchon area. Just trying to get a head start.

Typically you can get a master copy of whatever charts you are approved to draw from the REC. You have to return them of course unscathed. Find a place that can make decent copies or trace with vellum as other have mentioned. Kind of a pain to trace if you need multiple copies for practice.

I go to a specialty place that makes close to 100% exact copies. Costs more than officemax or fedex kinko, but most of the time the plates for the larger copiers can warp the chartlets and the copies won’t line up very well with the master. This can effect your measurements for ATON.

There is a website too you might be able to get them from. Try searching the other “pilotage” threads for that. RTI or something like that.

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RITI. Period. End of sentence.

They do GREAT work.

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