Navigation test answers

Does anybody know were I can get the chart answers to the navigation problems on the 3rd mate exam??? I am looking for charts with the correct answers drawn on them, online or by mail

I haven’t heard of any such animal (unless from a school), but if you are having certain problems, I’m sure anyone would help. Just tell me what answer your looking for and I can get it plotted and send a jpeg…I have 3 Texas A&M cadets, 4 ABs trying to upgrade, and a newly licensed Mate that will be more than happy to do it, because I said so…

[U][I]that will be more than happy to do it, because I said so…[/I][/U]

Thats the Anchorman that we have come to respect on Gcaptain.
I will post the question later, I have done the problems 5 time, 2 captains have done them, one mate recent grad has done them and we all come up with the same answer which is different from the Coast Guard answer. The question comes from the 2009 murphy book, I checked on NMC web site and they are the same question and answer as int he book…

The chart in question is the training chart Long Island Sound

Sometimes you just have to accept the fact that the Coast Guard is indeed wrong and put the wrong answer down just to pass the test. I had a set & drift question where the actual answer was EXACTLY halfway between two answers, and the plot came out to the lower answer, but the higher answer was the one they used. I protested it, but I’m sure it’s still on the test.

If the set and drift answer was 229 degrees and 2 knots then you are right it is the wrong answer, the correct answer is only 1 knot but Coast Guard says it is 2 knots, go figure

Nah it was something like 12.2 and 12.7 if I remember right.