Guidance needed

Please, can anyone give me guidance on how to go about being commissioned as a merchant marine reserve officer in the Navy. listed are the qualifications i have. the only exception is that i am not a graduate of the service academy…

EN2 US Navy- Active duty-6yrs
Navy Reservist- 2004- present
Licensed 3rd Asst. ENG-Hawspipe
offered employment with MSC as Unlicensed Junior Eng.
32yrs old.

Please any information received will be greatly appreciated.

Motivated Sailor

Your list of qualifications says that you are a licensed 3rd Assistant Engineer. If that’s the case you are a Merchant Marine Officer. It doesn’t matter if you are a hawsepiper or an Academy grad. Once you get your license in hand (or Merchant Mariner Credential as it is called now) that’s it. Am I missing something in your question?

The “commisioning” process is the torture you are put through in making your license application. If you’re motivated enough to see it through to the end you’re in the club!

Sorry about that, i was refering to the merchant marine reserve program in the Navy…

Pretty sure you need a 2A/E before you can get in to the program as a hawsepiper. Not sure how hard and fast that is, being prior service Navy might make a difference for you.

The MSC website has a reserve programs page on it and a link to the MMR program website.

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