Grilling Underway

Curious what kind of Grill/Smoker set ups are on the various vessels around the world. Post yours up!
tug boat grill

Every time I got back from a trip, I was grilled by the office. :frowning_face: Finally, they took me off the grill, and I went to work for another company!!


Back in the '90s, we were easing by a loaded tanker at XOM Beaumont. They had 4 large grills made from 2 split 55gal drums on deck. Their cook was grilling 2 goats and at least a dozen chickens. Just above the grills was the NO SMOKING sign. The capt made the observation that there was no lid for pits so technically they were grilling and not smoking!


Deck had two or three smokers aboard the Miller Freeman, best smoked salmon at sea probably!, I think all NOAA ships had a BBQ once in a while … back aft in the wind of course