Greetings from Norway

They have committed crimes. Even spent time in prison. And never shown repentance, not even pretending. I haven’t see that movie.
And in other news, this is going to be a cold winter. Perhaps some of these nasty individuals will slip on a patch of ice, bust their head on the pavement and drown in a canal.

Those people could have died. Following at a distance doesn’t stop them from getting stabbed. And what is really sad is that the population has to deal with changing their normal daily life to accommodate some sicko like this. We cannot accept changing our behavior and our freedoms, or else these guys win because that’s what they want. I hope the lawmakers in Sri Lanka and the lawmakers in Europe understand this. Stop being nice to potential threats and deal with them without drama…and without risking more lives shooting the terrorists from a distance in a public street or a supermarket.

The Police in Norway are also traditionally unarmed, even when responding to emergency calls. In this case permission to arm themselves had been granted because the report was about a person shooting arrows at people in the street.

Actual use of guns by the Police is rare. Police killing suspects are even rarer.
Last time was in Nov. 2016:

Every time a shot is fired by the police, even a warning shot, it is headline news and an enquiry is held into the incident.

Unfortunately there have been more shootings occurring, especially in parts of Oslo, the last few years. Mostly involving criminal gangs and drugs, but a recent one cost the lift of a young men that apparently had noting to do with either:

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Very similar rules apply here.

Hefty autumn at Øvstestølen in Valldal, Sunnmøre.

When autumn is at its fiercest and most colorful in Romedalen, Ørsta.

09.10.21 Beautiful autumn colors on Emblemsfjellet.

Nordalsfjorden in sun and rain

From this FB Group:

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That last photo is amazing. Reminds me of PNW.

Summer has a last(??) go at it here in Ålesund_

Yesterday it was over 20C in the fjords, caused by Føhn wind from the SE.
The snow that fell in the mountains a couple of weeks ago has melted again, at least out here on the NW coast.

You may know that Norway has very strict laws against drunken driving, with the lowest legal limit (0.2% per mille) in Europe??

This Russian Trawler Captain apparently didn.t know:
From Kaptein var minst full, tok «ansvar» og henta mannskap i bil - – Nyheter fra Ålesund, Sunnmøre og Nordvestlandet.

(Google translation, with some help)


Longyearbyen on Spitzbergen Island, part of the Svalbard Archipelago is the northernmost real town in the world, at 78.1 dgr. north lat.

It is the largest settlement on Svalbard (Pop. 2368 in 2019) and site of the Governor’s (Sysselmannen) Office.
The airport in Longyearbyen has daily flights from Tromsø and is an emergency landing place for trans-polar flights:
It is also the site of the northernmost fully equipped Hospital and the Northernmost University in the world.

The world’s “Seed vault of last resort” is also situated here:

Unfortunately the melting permafrost is threatening the safety of the vault:

Steps are taken to ensure the safety of the seeds in the vault, though.

First withdrawal from the Svalbard Seed Bank has been made:

Coal mining has been the main occupation for the residents, but they have now found other ways of making a living, like this Swedish lady:

It is also a visa free place that is home to many different nationalities:

It may surprise you, but the largest non-Norwegian group is Thais (117)
This year the first Thai woman got a seat as a representative for the Conservative Party (Høyre) in the local Government:

Longyearbyen is well into their Polar Night now, with only a bit of blue in the sky in the middle of clear days.
If you want to experience it, look at this local Webcam:
It is more attuned to show the Northern Light, but you can also see the “blue hour” if you time it right.

So if you feel the urge to see (or live in) this place, here is the official tourist website:

PS> In Svalbard it is not only allowed to bear arms, it is compulsory when out of town.


I’m not worried about the seed vault. I think it is a project borne out of arrogance. The real seed vault is the soil. Seeds, polen, mycorrhyza, bacteria, etc can remain dormant for hundreds of years and decide to wake up when the conditions allow. We know very little about the life in the soil.
The best way to make sure as much life survives is to quit dumping petroleum-based chemicals in everything under the sun.

Just in case too much petroleum-based chemicals keep on being dumped on everything under the sun it is nice to know there are somewhere far away from any agricultural land and the sun, where seeds are kept safe and available.
No need to start all over again with the millennia long process of developing food crops.

PS> Also not under control of any of the major power that may destroy the existing food plants and seed banks in their quest to dominate the world.

FB Origin:
Kjell Inge Malde
In the queue, the cashier tells an elderly lady:

  • Madam, you should bring your own shopping nets, because these plastic bags are not environmentally friendly!
    The older lady apologized and replied:
  • In my time there was no such green wave.
  • That’s our problem today, madam. Your generation does not care enough about the environment.
  • You’re right - the lady replied. Our generation did not care enough about the environment. We had glass bottles for milk, carbonated drinks and beer that were delivered back to the store. The store took them back to the factory where they were washed and sterilized before using them again and again. We really did not care about the environment of our time. Even the baby diapers were washed because there were none. We dried them ourselves, not in the dryer. These diapers really dried off the wind and solar energy.
    In our time, we were really not worried about environmental status. Before in our days we only had TV and radio at home, not TV for every room.
    And the TV was a 14-inch screen, not the size of a stadium, and when it collapses, is thrown, uncertain where. In the kitchen we had to do everything with our hands because there were no electrical appliances to do everything for us.
    When we sent something fragile in the mail, we used old newspapers, not plastic bubbles and styrofoam balls that take 500 years to break down.
    We did not use gas mowers to mow the grass in our time, they were mechanical and we used our muscles to make them move.
    The training was good and we did not have to go to training to keep fit. You’re right, we were not worried about the environment in our time.
    We drank water straight from the tap, not from plastic bottles and cups that now fill the oceans.
    In fact, there was no green wave in our time Then we all got on the tram or bus, the boys used bikes or went to school instead of using their parents as a 24 hour taxi service.

So, is it amazing that the current generation talks so much about the “environment”, but does not give up and thinks about living a little like in my time!

Now that you have read this, send it to your friends who are over 50 years old and to young people who have everything in their hands but only know how to criticize the elderly !!
(Translated from Norwegian by Google Translation)

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I think you will find that that story was translated into Norwegian by a mark one human about ten years ago from English before google could understand a word.

It’s more about the psychological effect of having a stash, like a squirrel.

Seeds need more than themselves to sprout. They need to establish a network with other living beings like bacteria, protozoa, fungi. The seed itself can wake up but for the long term existence, if it’s not surrounded by biodiversity, it will perish. Nature will choose which plants will live and most crops that Man plants just want to die.

Greetings from Norway!!

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First snow of this winter in Ålesund today:

Norway may be even more important for the “green revolution” in the future.
Not just as a consumer of “green technology”, but as a producer of the most important element(s) in producing the technology, Rear Earth Elements (REE):

Nice cold winter weather in Ålesund today; -5C and sunshine (for a few hours):

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Tell Santa Hello. :slight_smile:

He has migrated to Finland;

PS> The tree in centre of the second picture is a Araucaria Araucana, originally from Southern Chile, but transplanted to the City Park in Ålesund in 1905, during rebuilding the town after the big fire in Jan. 1904:

The one in my picture is a transplant of the original, of which there are many around town and beyond.

Locally it is known as “Apeskrekk” (Monkey Scare) but the common English name is Monkey Puzzle:

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