Greetings from Norway

Stupid people exists everywhere.
Here is a pleasure boat with child on a tube in tow crossing in front of a car ferry:

Although a Boating License is compulsory in Norway it doesn’t guarantee against stupidity:

In tune with nature:

Blånebu: Thestone cabin on Mt. Meisal has become a popular hiking destination.

Bjørn Myrset lost two nieces in a lightning strike in Sunnmøre earlier this summer. Now he wants to have a lightning arrester installed at Blånebu. PHOTO: PRIVATE

Sunrise (at 03:36 hrs.):

Winter at Blånebu (1530 m. asl):

Not entirely correct, or factual, but reflect the way Norway is viewed by many foreigners:

Some info for the day that the world opens for travel again:

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The Parliamentary Election 2021 resulted in a change of Government, from a Liberal to Social Democratic party coalition, which has been predicted for months:

No major changes are expected, since the policy differences are small between the 9 major parties in Norway.

Parallel to the nationwide Parliamentary Election a separate election for the Sami Parliament has been held among the Sami people:

You can arrive by the road and leave by ferry, or v.v.