Greetings from Norway

The ferry wharf will need a little cleanup before the service can reopen:

Photo via today

The meteorologists downgrade the danger warning for strong winds in the outer parts of Nordfjord and Møre og Romsdal to orange. The background is therefore that “Ingunn” hits further north than expected.

Somebody has kidnapped this “crocodile” from Fjellstua in Ålesund:

It was just enjoying the view and minding it’s own business. Sorely missed by the regulars at Fjellstua.
If found, please return to rightful owner: Aksla Vel | Ålesund so it can rejoin it’s friends on Aksla:

Cut from a single log using chain saw:

Interesting story, but far from Norway. (Although Pattaya is a popular place for Norwegians)
Another BBC article on the same day is about an incident in Oslo, however:

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haha this is the story I meant to post!

But somehow it had skipped to the next story about the lion so copied the wrong link

It happens to all of us pensioners, it’s call a “Senior moment”. :rofl:

Source: I Love my Norwegian Heritage

Amazing photo of Bergen when it wasn’t raining.

Bergen has an unfair reputation for rain. Last autumn was the driest on record in Bergen:

Source: Slik blir været de neste dagene i hele landet - VG

Anecdote: A tourist had spent a week in Bergen without a dry day. He asked a boy; “Does it ALWAYS rain in Bergen”? The boy; “I don’t know, I’m only 11 year old”.

Some good advise if you plan to visit Bergen and it rains:

Preikestolen (The Pulpit Rock) is not ALWAY crowded:

Photo: Alexander Jikharev

Calm and quiet at the Cruise Center in Ålesund today:

Next week the Cruise ships “Viking Venus” (12.02) and “Balmoral” (17.02) will be visiting.

More info about Norway:

Found this post on Facebook:

It has apparently been spread far and wide, with some really silly comments attached:

A more realistic explanation:

More than 50,000 photographs were entered into the competition last year, of which 25 were shortlisted by a panel of judges and the Natural History Museum, it said. “Ice Bed” was chosen as the winner by 75,000 members of the public — a record number, the museum said.

(Photo by Nima Sarikhani / Wildlife Photographer of the Year)
This dreamy image of a polar bear drifting to sleep on a bed carved into an iceberg is the winner of the 2023 Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award.
British amateur photographer Nima Sarikhani, who captured the stunning moment after three days on an expedition vessel off Norway’s Svalbard archipelago, said: “This photograph has stirred strong emotions in many of those who have seen it. Whilst climate change is the biggest challenge we face, I hope that this photograph also inspires hope; there is still time to fix the mess we have caused.”

#5 was this picture of the Northern Lights and jellyfish:

(Photo by Audun Rikardsen / Wildlife Photographer of the Year)

Audun Rikardsen played with exposure and flash to photograph a majestic aurora borealis — also known as the northern lights — illuminating a pair of moon jellyfish in the waters of a fjord outside Tromsø, northern Norway.


Peaceful coexistence at a calm and quite inner harbour in Ålesund today:

But we could do without any more snow now:

Photos: Benedicte Christine Fjelldal Archibald

Ålesund in 1957:


Spot the difference. (Aside from time of day and year)
Ålesund 2024:

Photo: Bjørnar Berg. 30 Jan. 2024

“Englandfarten” Monument in Ålesund seen in silhouette at sunset yesterday:

Photo: Bjørnar Berg

This monumernt memorise those who made the crossing from Norway to Shetland or Scotland during WWII. Both the many that made it and those who lost their life trying, either from warfare of weather:

PS> Ålesund was a center for this traffic in the early years of the war (1940-42) Know as “Little London”.

Englandsfarerne Monument from a different angle.

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Snow has melted (again):

An empty Kongens gate in Ålesund, 14. Febr.
Photo: Svein Per Tynes

Bergen at sunset:

Source: I Love my Norwegian Heritage

A calm and sunny day in Ålesundet (Eel sound) today:

Photo: Bjørnar Berg